Water & Sewer

Did You Know?

  • Southfield is supported by 346 miles of water mains, 217 miles of sanitary and 40 miles of combined sewers.
  • There are 3,317 fire hydrants in Southfield. One for every 23 residents or one for every eleven residential dwellings.
  • The average daily use of water is 7.47 million gallons.
  • Over 634,000,000 cubic feet or 4.8 trillion gallons of water is sold to Southfield customers every year.

    Welcome to the Water & Sewer Division

    The Water and Sewer Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the public health of the residents of the City of Southfield by efficiently and effectively operating and maintaining the City’s water distribution and sewage collection system. These continuous efforts ensure that our residents are provided with the highest quality, safe and dependable drinking water available, that adequate water flow is available to fight fires, and to protect the environment by ensuring the safe and appropriate disposal of wastewater to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) waste treatment facility.