Did You Know?

  • Southfield is supported by 346 miles of water mains, 217 miles of sanitary and 40 miles of combined sewers.
  • There are 3,317 fire hydrants in Southfield. One for every 23 residents or one for every eleven residential dwellings.
  • The average daily use of water is 7.47 million gallons.
  • Over 634,000,000 cubic feet or 4.8 trillion gallons of water is sold to Southfield customers every year.

    Where do I get a tap permit?
    Residential and commercial tap permits can be obtained by calling (248) 796-4850. Back to top  

    What can I do if I my water bill is higher than normal?
    First check for leaks. Make sure all the water faucets are turned off in the house, check and see if your dial on your water meter is still moving. If the dial is still moving you do have a leak. Further investigation is needed on your part to locate the leak or you can call a plumber. If no leak is discovered then call (248) 796-4850. Back to top

    Where can I make my water bill payment?
    Payments can either be mailed or paid directly to the cashier at City Hall. Back to top

    How often do I get a water bill?
    Residential customers are billed every two months. Commercial customers with large meters are billed monthly. Back to top

    What if I lost my water bill?
    Call (248) 796-4850 and a new bill can be issued. Back to top

    We sold our home, are moving and need to have the water meter read. What do we do?
    A meter reading for a house sale must be called in to the Water Department by the home seller. Mailing instructions for payment are to be given by the seller at the time of the reading. Back to top

    Who do I call if my sewer is backing up?
    Call (248) 796-4850. Back to top

    What if work has been done by the City of Southfield?
    Restoration work is typically done in the Spring. Call (248) 796-4850. Back to top