Did You Know?

  • The Sewer and Water Department maintains over 346 miles of water mains, 217 miles of sanitary sewer, 40 miles of combined sewers and 240 miles of storm sewers.

  • Streets and Highways maintain over 247 mile of local and major roads within the limits of Southfield.

  • The Sewer and Water Department delivers clean dependable drinking water and disposes of it for less than a penny per gallon.

  • A dripping faucet can waste 3 gallons of water a day.

  • A leaking toilet can waste 25,000 gallons per month.



Is a permit required to replace or install a driveway, approach or sidewalk?
  • A permit is NOT required when repairing or replacing your private driveway.
  • A permit IS required when installing or replacing a concrete or asphalt driveway approach.
  • Permit fees and inspection requirements are listed on the “Application for Permit” or available by contacting the Engineering Department (248-796-4810).

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If my street and/or sidewalk are in poor condition, what are my options?
It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the sidewalk and keep it in good repair.  Property owners or contractors may apply for the required permits from the Engineering Department and an inspection is required prior to the concrete pour.

The City is responsible for sidewalk repairs if the damage is due to a structure or tree roots from a tree in the City right of way.  In addition, if your neighborhood is part of the City’s annual sidewalk repair program, the City shares the cost of sidewalk repairs with property owners through a special assessment program.

If your street is in need of repair, the Streets and Highway Department can make minor repairs to temporarily fix the problem(s) until a road repair program can be scheduled for your area. Back to top

Will the City get involved with property line disputes?
No.   The Engineering Department cannot get involved any further than providing lot dimensions, since a property line dispute is strictly a civil matter.  Property dimension information is available on the City’s website (GIS) or by contacting the Engineering Department (248-796-4810).  But to obtain a true survey of your property, a property owner must hire a surveyor. Back to top

Does the City offer any assistance with drainage issues on my property or in the ditch?
Yes.  The City’s surveyor (248-796-4832) can offer assistance with standing water problems on your property and offer suggestions on how to remedy the situation(s).  If you have a problem with standing water in your ditch, contact the Streets and Highway Department at 248-796-4860.  However, please remember that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the ditch clear of debris and leaves and that the ditch, by design, will hold water for a short period of time. Back to top