Investigations Division

Detective Bureau

Crimes Against Persons Unit
Southfield Police Department's Crimes Against Persons Unit includes four detectives, one of whom works as the exclusive manager of domestic violence complaints. The "Person Crimes" unit is responsible for crimes committed against persons, including misdemeanor and felonious assaults, kidnappings, armed robberies and homicides. Unit members interact regularly with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and are active in social and City agencies as part of the Unit's commitment to the Southfield Police Department's "community policing" philosophy.

Property Crimes Unit
These detectives investigate home invasions, commercial break-ins, larcenies and retail frauds. Their responsibility is to ensure residents, as well as workers in the community, feel safe in their homes and offices. They also provide training on effective crime prevention techniques to discourage these illegal acts from occurring at their residence or business. The Unit also is responsible for monitoring pawnshops and jewelry stores to ensure compliance with State statutes on property items being pawned or sold at their locations. In addition, the Property Crimes Unit attends monthly investigative lead meetings with other metro-area departments to share and disseminate information on possible related crimes. This assists the Southfield Police Department, as well as other metro Detroit-area agencies, in effectively reducing cross-jurisdictional related crimes.

Sex and Youth Crimes Unit
These detectives investigate incidents including sexual assaults, juvenile offenses, child abuse, neglect, missing persons and gang activity. Their daily duties include reviewing and preparing cases for court. They also spend time at the Prosecutor's Office requesting arrest warrants and attending court proceedings.  Each Detective is a member of the Juvenile Officer’s Association of Michigan and Ontario, and attends a monthly information sharing meeting with officers and detectives from other agencies.

Financial Crimes Unit
These detectives are responsible for investigating all financial-related crimes, such as credit card fraud, non sufficient funds and no account checks, embezzlement, larcenies by false pretense and conversion, along with any other fraudulent activity. The detectives work closely with Federal agencies such as U.S. Secret Service, FBI and I.N.S. In addition, cases often are investigated in conjunction with private business loss prevention personnel, as well as investigators representing retail companies, banks and health care corporations. Investigation responsibilities include pursuing cases from initial patrol reports through warrant presentation to local and/or County Prosecutor's Offices. Each detective is a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators and work with fraud investigators worldwide.

Auto Theft Unit
The Southfield Auto Theft Prevention Squad is responsible for investigating auto theft related crimes including carjacking, larceny from auto, and fraud related thefts. These detectives also perform theft prevention training to businesses as well as citizen groups throughout the city. Southfield's Auto Theft Unit has been formulated to concentrate and focus attention in five major areas of concern; Prevention, Detection, Investigation, Enforcement and Prosecution. These methods are integral parts of a system designed to curtail auto theft in Southfield. The unit also sponsors monthly meetings with local agencies to secure a better understanding of local auto theft issues.

HEAT (Help Eliminate Auto Theft) is Michigan's statewide auto theft prevention program that coordinates citizen action with law enforcement agencies through a confidential toll-free tip line for reporting information on stolen vehicles, chop shops, and suspected auto theft activities including insurance fraud, identity theft and carjackings.

Internet/Computer Crimes Unit
Detectives assigned to this unit investigate a variety of crimes involving the use of computers or the Internet. These investigations include financial crimes, auction fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, child pornography, and hacking and website defacement. These detectives have a number of certifications in computer and cellular phone forensics as well as certified financial crime investigator designation.

Background Investigations
Support Operations detectives conduct background checks at the request of the City Human Resources Department on people applying for employment with the City. Background checks also are performed on individuals requesting business and special licenses through the City Clerk's Office; and residents applying for state firearm permits and federal firearm licenses.

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