Landscape Plan Review

If a landscape plan is required as part of your Commercial Permitting Process (pdf), please submit four (4) copies prepared by a licensed Landscape Architect to Noreen Kozlowski in the Planning Department for review. 

Please provide the name of a contact person with submittal of your plans.  The landscape plans will be reviewed, marked up, and sent back to the contact person for revisions or they will be stamped up as “approved” and the contact person will receive an approved copy back.

General Requirements and Specifications for Landscape Plan Approval (pdf) should be reviewed, and all applicable notes must be added to your landscape plan.

As part of your Residential Permitting Process (pdf), submit 2 sets of Tree Survey Plans superimposed onto the Engineered Site Plans (signed and sealed by a registered Engineer or Surveyor).  There is no fee for any tree removal permits that may be required. Include the following information on the tree survey/site plan:

  • Location of all trees of 8" caliper and over on the site and 25' beyond the property line. In the instances where very large lots are being developed, locate all trees 50' beyond the limit of construction.
  • The tree number (Trees need to be tagged in the field by a survey crew).
  • The tree name (Species).
  • The caliper size (Diameter at Breast Height, DBH) of the tree.
  • The crown spread of the tree. (The width of the tree crown, outside branch tip to outside branch tip).
  • The rating of the tree (A sliding scale with A = excellent condition to D=poor, dead or in decline).
  • The elevation at the base of the tree.