Beech Woods Rec Center


Beech Woods Recreation Center

The Beech Woods Recreation Center is located at 22200 Beech Road, south of Nine Mile Road. The recreation center has over 17,000 square feet of gymnasium space with the capability to run three collegiate basketball games simultaneously, four volleyball or tennis courts, including golf nets, and a complete wellness/fitness center. Call Pattie

Dearie-Koski at (248) 796-4670, or e-mail, to discuss your Beech Woods Recreation Center rental needs.

QuickTime Virtual Reality (VR)

Facility rental opportunities can now be easily viewed in QuickTime Virtual Reality (VR). Using QuickTime VR, you can view a site as if you were standing there. It's easy to use, just move your mouse over the pictures to click and drag around the QuickTime VR movie and you will get a 360 degree view of the facility.