Fiscal Services Group

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that only 30 percent of a Southfield taxpayer’s taxes go to the City with the remaining 70 percent going to schools and Oakland County?

  • Did you know that Southfield’s bond rating is AA which places the City in the top
    tier of more than 450 public agencies in Michigan rated by Standard & Poors?
wall of bookletsThe Fiscal Services Group, reporting to the City Administrator’s Office, is the umbrella organizational unit comprised of the Office of Management and Budget, Accounting, Assessing, Purchasing, Technology Services and Central Services.

The Group's mission is to build and maintain internal staff support, enabling city departments to effectively and efficiently serve the public. Its goals include providing high quality, proactive, coordinated staff services to operating departments while protecting the City’s legal and financial interests.

bookletsThe Group’s budget includes allocations for various departmental support functions, including Accounting, Purchasing, and Technology Services, whose services represent 2.0% of the total City budget. Second, funding also is provided for centralized services such as facilities maintenance charges and lease payments, phones, training and contractual/professional services.
For more information, contact the Fiscal Services Group, (248) 796-5260.