Keep Southfield Beautiful

Did You Know?

  • The City of Southfield is Michigan’s undisputed business center – with more office space than the central business districts of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis or Kansas City.

  • Nearly 200 restaurants make dining in Southfield a pleasurable experience for business entertainment or a family night out.

  • The City of Southfield was the first city in the State of Michigan to hold a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Walk Celebration in commemoration of the first national holiday observance in 1986.

  • The City of Southfield has more than 700 acres of park land as well as two public nine-hole golf courses.
You, Too, Can Keep Southfield Beautiful!

The beauty and charm of our neighborhoods are among Southfield’s most precious assets. We can all do our part to keep Southfield a wonderful place in which to live and work. By keeping your house or business maintained, frequently painted and nicely landscaped, you not only display your pride in the community, but also add to the property values of the entire area.

Working together, we can help to keep Southfield beautiful. By adhering to City ordinances and community appearance standards, we can avoid common property maintenance problems. Among the most important property rules are:

  • Weeds and grass must be cut on a regular basis.

  • Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles may not be parked outside of the garage.

  • Outside storage is not permitted, except in industrial zones. Outside storage constitutes anything placed outside that is not in immediate use.

  • Outside storage of recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, travel trailers and mobile homes exceeding 20 feet in length, is not permitted and must be stored offsite. Recreational vehicles, boats and travel trailers, less than 20 feet in length may be stored in the backyard only.

  • Buildings must be maintained according to code regulations, including painting, repair of roofs, cracked or broken glass, fallen gutters and other maintenance items.

  • Repairing of vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) is not permitted on residential property.

  • Operation of business in residential areas is not permitted.

  • Snow must be cleared from sidewalks in front of homes and business as soon as possible after a snowfall.
By working together, we can all help to keep Southfield beautiful!

For more information, contact the Code Enforcement Division (248) 796-4140