Trash & Outdoor Storage

Did You Know?

  • Large appliances such as refrigerators, washers & dryers may be placed at the curb for pick-up.  Refrigerator doors must be removed for safety.
  • Bird feed, litter, pet food, animal droppings & bread crumbs left on the ground will attract rodents.

  • Between the months of May and November, any person owning or occupying land within the City must destroy any and all noxious weeds taller than twelve inches (12”). This applies to vacant properties as well. If a noxious weed is found to be taller than twelve inches (12”) on a vacant property, that property may be mowed and billed to the property owner by the City.

Guidelines for Weekly Trash & Recycling Pick-up

The City contracts trash pick-up for single-family residential homes. The fee for single-family residential trash, recycling, yard waste and brush pickup is included in the summer tax bill. Apartments, condominiums and businesses must arrange for their own trash pick-up.

The City’s contractor provides weekly residential trash/garbage and recycling pick-up. Residents who wish to obtain a 64-gallon recycling cart can contact Southfield's waste hauler, GFL Environmental, at (844) 464-3587 to order a recycling cart. Recycling carts are provided to single family households upon request at no cost.

Current Trash & Recycling pickup schedule:

Monday Neighborhoods between 12 & 13 Mile Roads
Tuesday Neighborhoods between 11 & 12 Mile Roads
Including North half of Section 13
Wednesday Neighborhoods between 10 & 11 Mile Roads
Including South half of Section 13
Thursday Neighborhoods between 9 & 10 Mile Roads
Friday Neighborhoods between 8 & 9 Mile Roads

Single-family residents can help the weekly curbside trash collection process by following these guidelines:

  • Place trash at the curb after 4 p.m. on the afternoon before scheduled pick-up. Empty receptacles must be removed from the curb by noon of the day after pick-up.
  • All mixed-refuse (non-recyclables) must be in bags or watertight containers holding 32 gallons or less, including tight-fitting lids and handles. Yard waste must be in recyclable paper bags or in ordinary trash containers (marked with a "Y" or a Yard Waste sticker) and placed at least three feet from the regular trash.
  • Branches and tree limbs must be less than 8 inches in diameter and placed in a pile at curbside. They will be picked up from the curb from spring though fall.
  • Furniture should be placed at the curb before 7 a.m. on trash day, so an inventory can be taken.
  • Appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) - all doors and lids must be removed for safety before being placed at curbside.
  • Hazardous waste and building materials are NOT accepted.
  • Other unacceptable items: tires, concrete, earth, logs, stumps and yard waste in plastic bags.