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Did You Know?

  • Large appliances such as refrigerators, washers & dryers may be placed at the curb for pick-up.  Refrigerator doors must be removed for safety.
  • Bird feed, litter, pet food, animal droppings & bread crumbs left on the ground will attract rodents.

  • Between the months of May and November, any person owning or occupying land within the City must destroy any and all noxious weeds taller than twelve inches (12”). This applies to vacant properties as well. If a noxious weed is found to be taller than twelve inches (12”) on a vacant property, that property may be mowed and billed to the property owner by the City.
Code Enforcement (Front Desk)
(248) 796-4140

Dr. Maria Calhoun
Code Enforcement/Community Appearance Manager   
(248) 796-4131

Will Banks
Code Enforcement Officer
(248) 796-4136

Tyrice Beeks
Senior Code Enforcement Officer
(248) 796-4138

Donovan Fann
Code Enforcement Officer 
(248) 796-4130

Zachary Redden
Code Enforcement Officer    
(248) 796-4132   

David Shisha
Code Enforcement Officer    
(248) 796-4134