Did You Know?

  • The City Attorney’s Office was once located on the lower level of City Hall.

  • The staff of the City Attorney’s Office will process requests for adjournments in City misdemeanor/civil matters only if the request is made 24 hours or more BEFORE the scheduled court date/time.

  • The City Attorney’s Office does not provide legal advice and/or legal referrals.

  • The City Attorney’s Office does not handle the prosecution of tickets issued in Southfield by Michigan State troopers, only those issued by City of Southfield police officers.

  • The longest tenure, to date, of an Assistant City Attorney is thirty-six (36) years of service.

I filed a police report with the Southfield Police Dept., and I want to check the status. Whom do I call?
Should you wish to request prosecution, please contact the Southfield Detective Bureau/Investigation Division at (248) 796-5440; and, Records Division at (248) 796-5580 should you wish to obtain a copy of the police report. Back to top

How do I request an adjournment (rescheduling) of a City of Southfield case?
If you have questions about rescheduling your City of Southfield case, please call the City Attorney's main office number (248) 796-5770. Back to top

I am the victim of a crime and received the crime victim’s rights letter and have questions. Who do I contact?
Any questions should be directed to the City Attorney main office number (248) 796-5770. Back to top

How do I contact Haven?
Haven is a crisis center in Oakland County that assists victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their 24-hour crisis/support numbers are (248) 334-1274 or (877) 922-1244.
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Where does one obtain copies of City ordinances, police reports, tax bills, site plan information, etc.?
Ordinances – City Clerk’s Office
Police Reports – Southfield Police Dept. – Records Bureau
Tax bills and related tax information – Treasurer’s Office
Site plan information – Planning Department
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I have a dispute with my neighbor. Who do I contact?
You may contact Southfield Community Policing at (248) 796-5400.
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