Is a permit required for a shed?
Yes, a permit is required for zoning purposes only. The Michigan Residential Code 2003 states that a building permit is not required for a one-story detached accessory structures, if the floor area does not exceed 200 square feet. A Zoning Permit is required to ensure that the shed location will comply with zoning setbacks. Requirements for Sheds, Detached Garages & Accessory Buildings (pdf)
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How do I obtain one?
A permit application must be picked up from the Building Department, filled out and submitted back to the Building Department with two copies of a mortgage survey showing the location, size and number of stories of the proposed shed. Distances must be shown on the plan to the house and the property lines. If the lot is in a site condominium development and not a subdivision lot, a letter from the association chairperson must be submitted which indicates their approval of the proposed work. If a contractor is going to be hired and the aggregate cost of labor and materials exceeds $600.00 that contractor must be licensed in the State of Michigan as Maintenance and Alteration Contractor or a licensed Builder. Back to top

Do I need a building permit to re-roof over existing shingles on my house?
Yes, a building permit is required to re-roof over an existing single layer. Also, the Michigan Building Code limits the number of layers of shingles on a roof to two. Back to top

The contractor that I want to use is not a licensed contractor and he/she wants me to obtain the permits in my name as the homeowner, can I do this?
No, all mechanical trades (Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning) are required to be licensed under State Law and must obtain permits under their license. Residential Building Contractors undertaking a project with a contract price exceeding $600.00 are also required to be licensed and must obtain permits under their license.
Note: A homeowner may obtain permits to work on his own house under his/her name and do the work themselves. If the homeowner wants to subcontract the job, they must hire licensed trades to perform the work. It is important to keep in mind that the permit holder is the one responsible for making sure that the job is done properly. That includes; all inspections are scheduled, corrected, inspected and approved and cited violations (if any) are completed and approved. Back to top

Why do I need permits?
Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to protect us by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe or sub-standard work and, therefore, ensuring the public health, safety and welfare. Back to top

How do I obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for Existing Spaces?
The City of Southfield requires that all occupants of any building must first obtain a certificate of occupancy, before occupancy takes place. Furthermore, building permits are required for alteration work done on a building.
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