Mailing Address Changes

Did You Know?

  • Southfield is home to over 10 outstanding colleges, universities and trade schools, including Lawrence Technological University, one of the nation’s “top 40” institutions specializing in engineering, architecture and business.

  • Southfield is an international city bustling with people from a rich array of cultural, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, including large Armenian, African-American, Jewish, Chaldean and Russian populations.

  • The City of Southfield celebrated its 50th anniversary of incorporation as a city on April 28, 2008.

  • The City of Southfield is Michigan’s undisputed business center – with more office space than the central business districts of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis or Kansas City.

  1. Download and complete the attached Request for Change of Mailing Address form and attach authorization documents, if required
  2. All requests for change of mailing address for properties in the City of Southfield can be made in person at the Assessing Department or by mailing/faxing a request to the Assessing Department.  Requests should include:
    • Parcel number of property address (for which change is requested)
    • Property address of parcel (for which change is requested)
    • Owner name (if corporate, company or LLC, request should be on company letterhead)
    • New mailing address
    • Signature (property owner, CEO, President or the person responsible for paying the property taxes of a corporation, LLC member)
    • Title (person signing request)
    • Phone number (person signing request)

All requests should be sent to the Assessing Department at 26000 Evergreen Road, P.O. Box 2055, Southfield, MI  48037-2055, facsimile #248-796-5255.


  1. If you are not the property owner but are acting on behalf of a property owner, documents that show you have the property owner’s permission to act on their behalf are required. Examples of authorized paper work: contract between the property owner and the requestor, letter of authorization from property owner, power of attorney, will naming requestor as administrator/executor, a deed showing that requestor has been added as a property owner, letters of conservatorship etc.
  2. If you are an LLC or a small business who owns property in the City of Southfield, and if the requestor is a member of the LLC and listed on documents filed with the State’s Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG), please provide the year the LLC was registered. If requestor is not registered with DELEG, please provide documentation that authorizes requestor to act on behalf of the property owner.


  • If you are a joint owner of property in Southfield and one owner is deceased and the remaining owner requests the property in his/her name only, the remaining owner must submit a death certificate of the deceased owner in order for this change to take place.
  • If you purchase property in Southfield then marry and want the name of the property changed to your married name, you must submit a marriage license in order for the change to take place. 
  • If you purchase property in Southfield then marry and want the name of your spouse added to the property record, you must submit a deed showing that you have added your spouse as an owner of the property.

Of course, if you have questions you should contact the City of Southfield Assessing Department
at (248) 796-5230.

Print and complete the Mailing Address Request form (pdf)