Business Registration

Did You Know?

  • More than 175,000 area residents work in Southfield, the geographic and population center of Southeastern Michigan.

  • Southfield has 25 percent of Oakland County’s office space, 25 percent of Oakland County’s foreign firm and half of its Japanese firms.

  • Southfield’s central location and numerous highways make it easily accessible and 20 minutes away from most metro-area destinations.

Essential Business Registration Requirements

The City of Southfield is proud to be home to over 8,600 businesses, of which you are a part. We appreciate your decision to do business in our city, Michigan’s premiere business address.

The City is instituting a new business registration program. The program will allow us to create and maintain a database of pertinent information about our business community. Our goal is to develop a better way to communicate events, future developments and important news with you so that you may stay informed and involved in Southfield. Also, Southfield promotes purchasing goods and services from our own business community.

This new registration will be free of charge for businesses that sign up. You may download the document here. Business Registration Application (pdf).
If you have other questions regarding business registration, please contact Rochelle Freeman, Business Development Manager, at (248) 796-4160 or

Remember: Your business participation translates into revenues, employment and civic involvement. Southfield has long been a leader in innovation, and the success and recognition of its businesses continue to advance this reputation. We are pleased that you have chosen to do business in Southfield.