Did You Know?

  • Southfield is home to over 10 outstanding colleges, universities and trade schools, including Lawrence Technological University, one of the nation’s “top 40” institutions specializing in engineering, architecture and business.

  • Southfield is an international city bustling with people from a rich array of cultural, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, including large Armenian, African-American, Jewish, Chaldean and Russian populations.

  • The City of Southfield celebrated its 50th anniversary of incorporation as a city on April 28, 2008.

  • The City of Southfield is Michigan’s undisputed business center – with more office space than the central business districts of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis or Kansas City.

photo of southfield buildingsThe function of the Assessing Department is to assess all taxable, real and personal property in the city annually, primarily through completion of an annual assessment roll, for the purpose of levying the taxes lawfully imposed thereon. In order to fairly distribute the tax burden, which supports the cost of government and the many municipal services it provides, the department is responsible for conducting and maintaining an accurate inventory of all property, consisting of name, address and legal description, and for evaluating all new construction, additions and losses to taxable property, as well as continually studying and analyzing the local real estate market to determine property value as of tax day, December 31, in accordance with Michigan’s General Property Tax Law.

The Assessing Department is required by law to legally describe all real property. Accordingly, the department is responsible for processing all requested and approved splits, combinations and any other description changes of vacant and improved land. It must also prepare all special assessment rolls related to the equitable disbursement of the cost of certain infrastructure improvements to all benefited parcels of land, pursuant to City Council resolution.

The Assessing Department must prepare the reports, forms and warrants mandated by the county and state for equalization of assessments and the spreading of property taxes. As required by law, the Assessing Department provides the means of assessment appeal through the March Board of Review and correction of mutual mistakes of fact and clerical error by convening the July and December Boards of Review. The Department is also responsible for the preparation and defense of all assessment petitions to the Michigan Tax Tribunal and State Tax Commission.

Further, the Assessing Department receives statutory forms and information from property owners and provides property data to local realtors, fee appraisers, taxpayers and the general public daily.

For Assessment information, please call the Assessing Department at (248) 796-5230

Get information for tax bills and payments, or call the Treasurer’s Office at (248) 796-5200.